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Reviews for "The Tryst"


you dont hve 2 pay 4 this game,just 4 da sequal


dont listen to the person below me, once you get to "the trial" you play that game, go through a bunch of stuff, get hit by a car, see to be continued, and are told you have to join zap and pay $5. its really stupid how you ruined this game i wanted to play it!

free and awesome

don`t listen t the guy below me, this serisis free, no payments whatsoever

anyways, sweet seris hard as hell though,


Dude, you pretty much ruined the game with the payments. Hurt your score a lot from me, pal.

Paying tons of loot for a flash game? Yeah right. You had better think that over, because it's idiotic.


Tough as hell but enjoyable :)