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Reviews for "The Tryst"

Walkthrough (Ask Angie First)

Advising Angie (This takes place first chronologically)
-Why'd you choose a married man?
-Do you have the patience to wait until he's available?
-Why not?
-Is Yale happy with the way things are?
-You seem to be a strong smart woman about to make a fool of yourself.
-Congratulations! Why haven't you told Yale [about the pregnancy]?
-It's important that you meet with him now. Be honest and take control.

Advising Yale:
-Why can't you carry on the way things are going?
-What's more important: True love or career?
-Why shouldn't you be looking out for number 1 even if it means giving Angie the boot?
-Will being with Angie help or hinder your prospects?
-What are your plans for the future?
-Do you expect Angie to wait for you to get partner?
-If you forget about Angie, stick by the old man and get counseling with Helen
-If you're taking the old man's estate, don't you owe it to him to save your marriage with his daughter?

It would be better if episode three was free

That's kinda unfair


what happen to epsiode three


Liked the different decisions you can choose for Angie and Yale.

The series is incomplete!

I gave this no stars but it is not because I don't like the series. Infact I think the series is genius, very creative and fun! I am new to the Newgrounds community and I am writing this review as an all around general judgement of Newgrounds interperetation of it...........................THE POINT! The point is that I don't understand why they cut out some of the episodes, because it really ruins the storyline of a fantastic game. So please people before you make these decisions take that into consideration. Thank-You!