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Reviews for "The Tryst"


Having followed the ambition series from the beginning, I was beginning to despair that we'd never see the Tryst. However, good things obviously come to those who wait. There arent any real improvements from the others in the series in the way of sound or graphics, but that's not why we play these. The story and interactive aspects are what makes this series interesting, and interesting they are. If you want to see the rest of the series, click the link at the end of the game. Here's hoping the rest of your flash experiences are as rich and stimulating as this.

All my love (well maybe not ALL of it),
Carnivoracious <:)


Awesome. That was great. I really liked it. The graphics were sweet! Excellent work. Keep it up!


I really liked the characterization you put into Angie. Even the way she described love was true poetry. You just added some much-needed class to NG! Can't wait for your next flash.


It took you a long time to submitt this one, i went to your site and played this one a few months ago (it didn't even had the hint button), but I'm really expecting that the one where you have to interrogate the suspects to become free, please!, I'm on my knees!

great job



That was fucking hard it took me about 20 minutes :P Nice job.