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Reviews for "The Tryst"


Interesting game with a good two-sided story.


This one was alright, but compared to the first three parts of the series it was somewhat boring. The dialogue wasn't too bad, but I found it odd that Angie's story could segue into Yale's but not the other way around. That would have made this a lot more dynamic. It seemed weird how the game basically told you your choices didn't matter too, since that kinda defeats the purpose of making it a game.

It's too bad part two of the Tryst was not uploaded here, because wow... there are no words to describe part two.

Not as good as the cop one, need more cops shooting you for what ever reason. Ted likely had the best character arch out of anyone in this game. This could so very well use a bikini pickle with a rocket banana, on top of a mountain. it earn those 2.5 stars that way. Right guys?