Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"


Well... That was AWESOME!

Very nice and well-made game.

This game is very awesome! Very challenging. But I'm never able to beat Samus, though.

wow! just wow!

thats cool and really hard its good that it has some checkpoints!
that was a huge maze!
it was hard to find samus!
awsomely game!


The level is easy but the boss is hard. Very good

Remade account just to Review this! Lol.

I played these Backwards and beat both twice. I forgot my Login for my old 5 year account, so I made a new one just to review this. This is the first Megaman Flash (Or any Series) Game that I actually forgot was fan made. The only thing that felt weird was the Climbing in Ghost N Ghouls. It felt too slow compared to the games I have played. Though that may be my Imagination. Ghosts N Ghouls was a bit more forward where as in this Metroid one there's a lot of Maps that are useless and you can beat the game without going to. If you can, Make perhaps a switch or Mini boss in this one like you did with Ghosts and Ghouls to unlock a Weapon needed to open the Red Door before Samus. *SPOILER*Btw, The Blues/Protoman surprise was awesome. Though I am not sure if I got him through beating just this one, or both. *SPOILER END* I look forward to another game if you are in the making, or plans to make another and I wish you well either way. Keep using your creativity.