Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"

uuuuu-uuu-uuuh (strawberry clock) :)

BEST.... MEGAMAN... GAME .... EVER.....

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Since I hadn't been to NG for a couple days now, I decided to come back and suddenly stumbled upon your game here which happened to be on the front page of the site. I've now just beaten it a couple minutes ago and I have to say that this is THE BEST MEGAMAN/METROID GAME CROSSOVER!!! The gameplay itself, brought back memories for me of the oldskool NES games. I'd also have to agree with girrvusensu that this is almost like playing the actual thing on an emulator/console! It's also cool that you can automatically blast down those annoying orange doors when compared to Samus ran, you couldn't unless you had the missles! I was able to beat this probably in about less than five minutes or so it was super easy except for when you battle Samus, herself! (I beat her on my first try though.) I also discovered a strategy that if you stand under the blue platform for awhile, sometimes she'll repeatively jump down and then back up. When she jumps back down hit her and if she DOES try something different like roll at you or fire back, all you have to do is jump out of the way and repeat the process over and over until you win! So to conclude I give this a COMPLETE 10/10 and say that this deserves a new home in the Megaman section!!! You are almost beyond the limits compared to Randy Solem! (although he's good too! :)) You should definately make more flash like this! This was very addicting!

a nice retro nes tribute!

very cute entry! excellent use of the remixed music (that punchy beat makes it sound more mega-man-ish), and pretty seamless use of ripped sprites, too. i'm interested to see what else you'll come up with!


I love it when parodies/remakes of games actually LOOK like the games themselves. That makes it even more fun. This was a blast.


Absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. Great job. I have all the metroid games. but not mega man :(. First time through Samas is fucking hard LOL. But yanno Wonderfully planned