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Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"

very fun. the boss is a GIRL. The boss is hard and fun.

Two in one. Well played my friend.

I beat the game :3

kickass flash game that plays like megaman but has that exploration that the metroid games have.
And the game itself plays like classic nes megaman and it is challenging too.also you should know that
when you beat this game you unlock protoman!!! which adds more to this game you can use him in
megaman vs ghost n goblins as well. Now overall this game is solid and very much worth everyone's
time but to me the boss couldve used a little more work but its still great 4\5.

really really really awsome
i loved it! one more thing.
i had a glitch where samus went into the wall and exploded
but never mind. i got s missile for free! :)