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Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"

i must be like egoraptor because i forgot YOU CAN CHARGE THE BLASTER... havent played many megaman games in a while too
any way good job 5 stars for a nifty little game

This game is awesome. I like the remix of brinstar and I like the gameplay.

Loading is long but it makes up for that with great gameplay.

I think this is one the best fan made Megaman games I've ever played [:
Graphics are great and so is the game play :D

I admit that I did not play the original Metroid games at all. In fact, I think this is the only fan made version of the games that I have played. With all that being said, this was freaking awesome. I think my favorite part is probably how great the graphics are. It looks just like what you would see in a professional video game. The sounds were awesome as well.

It's easy to see how this has stood the test of time. I thought I wasn't able to kill the little floating guys who went back and forth. I think they can only be killed with a big blue blast. I was amazed at how long I lasted in this. Of course, this level just seems to go on forever.