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Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"

feels and plays like a real megaman game, is challenging and fun at the same time like a real megaman game, this should have been in a crossover game! 10/10 because it essensially is a megaman game! wish i could give infinite stars!

its kind of sad that for a 10 year old game now we havent seen something as mega man worthy as this. TEN YEARS CAPCOM this game was amazing and held up like any other megaman game would and this was from some guy on the internet i have never heard of... WTF why havent your paid developers put out something like this? Im always astounded and amazed at the innovation and creativity of fans and i wont lie when i say this. I had no idea who you were before this game staticreator but im more then impressed, it could have been as simple as porting over code or developing your own for this but regardless you created something amazing that deserves praise. bravo and good luck to ya, it might be ten years late but i expect great things from you ^-^

Outstanding game to play! The controls and movement are super tight, like they were in Mega Man. I also do love the lowered gravity in the game, and the fact that when you paused and came back, Mega Man would "flicker" like he did in the other games.

I felt the Lance was a crummy weapon, but for the energy cost, it was okay. Super Missile's energy cost should have been a bar or two higher for it's damage.

Personally I preferred playing as Proto Man instead, as he's such a better character than Mega Man. Not combat-wise but character-wise. Though my only nitpick with him is that the charge blast from Proto Man should have been a bit different. Also loved the color scheme of Proto Man's Lance suit, it looked rather silly on him.

good game but please change the jump button to space

i must be like egoraptor because i forgot YOU CAN CHARGE THE BLASTER... havent played many megaman games in a while too
any way good job 5 stars for a nifty little game