Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"


This was so cool, playing as MM going through Zebs. It's tough but addicting just like boththose games! Awsome job my man!


The game is great... Just like a megaman game. Only one big problem I saw. Samus does not act like a true boss. In the megaman games, the boss always ahad a reaction to being hit, not just standing there and keep coming as if not hit. Also the bosses never had midair manuverabilty like Samus has in the game.

Its azzam Max and you did it again

now I can tell why you have been doing all this computer nerding like a crazy persin. GOOD JOB THIS IS THE BEST GAME ON THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!! (of Newgrounds!!!!)


I really liked it, but the ting is, YOU MADE SAMUS TOO SMART!... Good job! took me about 5 times to beat her...


That was perfect. The best mega man flash port thing i've ever seen. Was basically as smooth as the NES version. Plus its cool that you combined metroid. Amazing game.