Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"

it's nintendo on drugs

good job of making this flash seem like an emulator, it seems this game takes place in bizzaro world though.

Nice Mix of classic games

I have to say this is not bad, even though its for persistent players. Try using more complex sprites for your next flash/game, "If you feel like it."

This certainly gave me a kick in the ass...

I was expecting one thing, this thing spits in my face because I was WAYYYY off target. Fuckin' amazing. It plays so smoothly and like a Nes Rom Hack. One of my new favorite games!


holy fuk guy!
this is as close to a megaman game as you can get. I mean, you had their signature megaman play control in this....
kudos to you

this megaman game rules all

one thing that bothered me...

Is when I died, I had to start all over :/
Can't you make checkpoints at each place where there is a 'door'?
But except for that, it was fantastic...
This is my new favorite platform game...

Staticreator responds:

There are checkpoints, several of them, just not after every door ;)