Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"


i thought it was excellently done!
i liked how most of the game elements were still pretty much like the originals! how enemies moved, how mega man could only fire 3 shots on the screen at once, and how the levels still looked like the metroid levels... though placement of some places were off... but i guess you cant fit the whole metroid game in it, heh, no matter great none the less!

i did have one problemt though... i like to charge up my shots while i move and jump... but the game dosnt want me to... i can only use 2 buttons at once either: move and jump - jump and shoot/charge - move and shoot/charge... i cant do all 3, which would make things easier

Now that was fun!

I first thought this would be a movie with just Megaman figthing a Metroid, but when i saw it was a game i didnn't know what to expect. The music kicked ass and the sprites were clean cut and everything fit well. IT did get confusing looking for Samus though, but that is what made Metroid fun, getting lost. I hope you'll continue to make these as I had alot of fun with it. Amazing Job.

holy shit

good god you dont work for capcom do you??? that was soo good. it seemed like it was going to be a long long game but it wasnt as long as it seemed to be. and samus should have a reaction to being hit like megaman does, but even the best things have little probloms, good damn work, id be suprised if this dosent make the front page


Nicely made... the AI for Samus is great, if not frustrating.. it took me at least 10 times to beat her. I'm impressed!

it's nintendo on drugs

good job of making this flash seem like an emulator, it seems this game takes place in bizzaro world though.