Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"

amazing, just fantastic, and the most funny thing is play with megaman is more easy than play with samus after all

Good game I like the boss because it challenges you to fire,jump,charge,slide move, then right shot all in about 2 seconds. Problem,If the boss jumps too high she will be placed in the right-most middle and die.(It was ok because I only had 4 pegs of heath)

This is by far one of the best Mega Man fan games I've ever played! Everything about it feels right! The difficulty is just right, the controls are just as responsive as they are in the original Mega Man games; and even after over a decade, it STILL holds up today! Amazing job!

Very fun but why do people keep complaining about how hard it is I thought it was easy

Man I Wish You Could Make More Of These Mega Man Vs. GAMES!!!