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Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"


heh, best of both worlds... i especially liked keeping the mega man 1 sound syncs.

keep up the good work

Best flash game ever.

I loved it. The gameplay and enemy behavior was spot on. Statacreator is a master of his field. My only complaint is that the game seemed to slow down significantly whenever the screen scrooled. That's probably bacause I have a slow computer though. It's still by far the best flash game I've ever played.

Exelent NES action

Their is nothing more than classic NES action its Megaman back in the day. Thats cool to see Megaman in Zebbes, but why is Samus the stage boss? I hope your just doing this for fun and not dissing her. Samus is also one of the best out their. The game was goog though and I give it a 5. Is their a way I can save the S.Missle for Megaman v.s. Author?

Damn you crappy metroid levels!!!

I have, do, and always will hate the early metroid levels but u had a really great idea, good work! Maybe next time around you should try to do MegaMan Battle Network only with Samus? Heh, worth a shot :P

Majic Pure majic

Great addapsion of the nes game this is just Geat!