Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"

Protoman rocks

I found that beating both Megaman Vs. Metroid and Megaman Vs. Ghosts & Goblins unlocks Protoman as a playable character. Sweet. It would be awesome if you started adding boss Characters from other MegaMan games, or even Samus and Arthur.


Lol not bad but mabey you should get to chouse a story like if you were samus in megamans world

Great crossover/remake

I was very fond of Metroid, back in ye' old days. Also of Megaman, but not AS much.
Either way, i like the way it turned out here. Besides running smoothly and without any problems(at least i found non) and creating the original feeling of both the games.(both terrain and enemy placement seem close to what the original would do).
And i especially liked that there's 2 paths to go. Had me go round past Samus first, to continue exploring, until i figured i'd already been there ;)

As for suggestions: Right now the selectable weapons do seem a bit...er..weak? They shoot in the same direction as your main one, have limited ammo, and there's nothing a charged up shot from your main won't kill. Either make the main not go through walls(while upgraded ones do) or have them shot a spread in 45 degrees upwards and downwards, too, or whatever :) but make them worth using...

One suggestion.

Yeah it was a really good game, I didn't play it for long cause I sucked at it, why did it seem easier when I was a kid? Oh well, one suggestion is to alter the controls, I mean it was weird useing the xz buttons and the directional buttons, so I would suggest rising the it up a bit for future games, thats my one complaint other than that, C'est tres bien.


That was the most awesome flash game i've played!!!!!You have got to make more games like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!