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Reviews for "Gamer Punk Girl"

Ok I can do that for her.
Magnificent artwork,

Of course

the two genders

WOW!! HOW??? you have made the perfect ass! how did you do it? that butt is legitimately perfect, the curves and length of it exceeds excellency. i try and try but its hard to make a good butt. how did you do it? and you also made the underwear engrave itself into the butt, and you also made a subtle detail of the thickness of the underwear. you did a fantastic job on her body and head. and the angle is excellent on her hands. i cant get enough of looking at her rear.how did you make this? or what did you make it on? what did you use. this is so good you dont even need to color all of it. this is awesome.

All that is missing is a nice big red hand print on one check lol good work!

Aye, glad to have you back, this quarantine shit ain't been easy on anybody. It's a tough time rn an wouldn't be surprised if it's causin' work to be a lil' slower than usual. Nonetheless, glad you back bro, missed the asses you draw, 'specially hers, damn!