Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"

I won!

YOu can win !!!!At the end he jumps out of a windows, prays to god that hell land in a matress truck, and then its asks u if he is crazy or is he a victim of a mind warping game made by his ex wife, find out in episode 2, it was cool but hard.


It is interesting in the subject matter that you've concentrated on in many of your flash entries: dealing with other people. This is something we need to do every day and if we can't do it well, we usually end up in the front of the fucking rumba. Although I personally believe you overexaggerate the possibility to succeed in changing someones mind in doing something, all and all I think you did well.

AWSOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was great so dont just stand there make some more or I'll blow us all to hell lol roflmao. lmao.


Cool game where you have to make smart decisions. It's exciting and makes you want to keep on playing until you finally beat it. Great game though.

great stuff dude

great animation, great challenge, great dialogue. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!! **BBAAAMMM**