Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"

That was brutal!

Cool, it reminds me of Ren & Stimpy.

Man I love these movies...

It has great graphics, sound and a real storyline. It is possible to kill someone instantly (shoot them right under the nose, it knocks out the nervous system, I think) but the guy still could fall on the detonator. Anyways great job.
BTW: Enforcer, give your head a shake, just because the movie didn't load quick for you is no reason to vote it a X. It just took 30 sec for me to load it (ETHERNET connection behind an OC line). Newgrounds could of been bogged down at the moment (since they can't afford anymore bandwidth) or even your "fast" cable modem was bogged down from too many users being logged on at the same time (that's what happens when you use a network not originally designed for the internet),


This was good. I liked seeing what happened with the wrong choices. Good graphics and the interaction was very well done.

THis was very fun

I thought half the time the guy was going to detonate the dynamite he had but he didnt :-D


hahahha! i barely made him not to blow them all to hell.