Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"


This scares me....the people...they look so scary.
And that guy sounds like Bevis from Bevis and Butthead...and he says "I'll blow us all to hell"

This looks like it was really cheaply made, and I don't suggest it for anyone who doesn't want nightmares.

piece of shit

this game had shitty graphics and sounds the voice's were fuckin shit and he would keep asking if he was crazy and i said no but after i said that he would say yea you think im crazy and he would blow his young ass up ....wtf is that all about?

Just dont...

Do not play this! there is a great plot and storyline, but then just as you really start to like it, you realize that you have to pay to watch the end of the story. Dont even click this link

LMFAO this is "game" is a joke, terrible character design, they don't even put effort by drawing well, they don't even write well, this is one of the worst abominations i've ever seen, laughable at best, THE WORST PART IS THAT SOME PEOPL LIKE THIS DISASTER!