Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"


This , this film, game, whatever was one hell of a mind fucker(it's a compliment)! Thoug, I wouldn't have expecting anything less that that. I've seen some of your other works and I must assume that you and a very well educated guy in the field psychological study. I know the path have got (or had) to have worked or something. I wonder what your motives are in making these mind fucks (games). Oh well. I think you're doing a great job. I also find it amusing that you recycle characters...
sidenote -- what was up with the footsteps sound effect? it sounded like he was wearing tap shoes...


I wish i could of thought of this , i love this and all Zapdramtiic work , keep it up


i have nothing to say bout this except this was great one of the best even know i used the hand cuz i died alot but it was amazing great movie!!!

holy shit

thats awesome at first i couldn't get it but the ending wow never saw that comin hurry make episode 2 good work

Bravo Michael Bravo

This game is a great negotiation game. This game couldn't of been better