Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"

Awesome as hell A+++++++++++

Mike... your movies are the best... keep it up, I love them!


good work.. best plot ive seen yet... very challenging and good ending... !

plz put the rest on newgrounds

ill vote five for them all i love them i even have notes on all the episodes (SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT DONT READ THE FOLLOWING IF YOU DIDN'T CRACK THE CASE)

ok bridget killed angie (i think) she stole the silver car and admitted it on tape, but put it at Ted's appartment. Yale had an affair with Helen, but took the drug Paxwic so he wouldn't like Angie or something. Broke up with her loved Helen and all was almost fine. Until Angie was killed.

Oh my go...

That was very, very good... Bloody realistic...
If you are a little kid who knows nothing of the human psyche, I can understand you... I will just say what I need to say to get a succesfull outcome, untill you'll (hopefully) jump out of the window......

Love These games!

Well gotta say, I LOVE these games, and I LOVE the series!!
The first time I played this one, it was hard at first...but then I started thinking, and it becam soo easy! :3
I've played all the games that have been released so far, and I cannot wait for the rest of the series!
Anyway, Great game! Keeps you interested, and it's WAYYY addicitve, again Great Game!!! ;3
Keep It up! ^_^