Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"

I love this series!

This is a great series. It's very interesting, and the plot lines are superb. It's always very difficult, but that's some of the fun in it. Thank you for a great series. My only complaint is how some episodes have to be bought to see. If you could put them on Newgrounds, I'm sure a lot of people would be happy.
Thanks for your time.


I love these kinds of games stragedy games they're awesome keep making'em. I like the challenge of this one and it's kind of what you would do in a real situation. The animations of the character was great and so was the character drawings. I would like for you to make more of these gmaes I really enjoy playing them a lot.

good game

except for the the music


I need a cigarette thats awesome nice flash man


he is a bit crazy... still we don't know anything about his wife or his kids! Maybe he just wanted attention by doing so? By strapping a bomb around his belly and threatening to blow everyone to pieces?
All i know is, your games are very, VERY good! Not well drawn, or animated, but this mind games... are just fantastic! I know this games are from 2000/2001 so the creator won't look this up anymore, but i had to write this review anyway!

Just great!
Only thing im curious about is, why the hell is this game rated 'M' ?