Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"

It wasn't a bomb, it was a load of dynamite

This movie was dynamite stuff! (please don't kill me...)

Dangit, I hate bait-and-switch!

Man, I was loving this until I realized that there was no way to win, and that it auto-linked to the creator's Website! Mr. Gibson, you won't win any friends here for that kind of tactic, and I docked you a lot of points for it. Your work is great stuff - but cut out the link crap and give us a chance to win the game!


This is a very unique movie. I appreciate the fact that you used sound for dialogue instead of the typical Portal submissions that only use subtitles. The graphics were good, but I judge graphics hard since I like to see realistic stuff. I never did finish the movie, it was complicated to me, so I gave up. Overall, an excellent Portal submission.


I didnt finish all of it, but the graphics were awesome, and the sound was great! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.