Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"


And yeah, the truth is that God will save you or trickily teach you something.


The ending had me like phew then wtf then wtf is going on here? It's a good & difficult game though


hehe nice game... but this is kinda like the WTC :(

Pretty cool

i beat it but not without dying a couple times but it was kinda hard im gonna give it a nine

Maybe just not for me, but

I didn't like it. First off, it's not very well made. The music is bad, the framerate is low, the voices and lip-sync are substandard. The animation is overall messy and poor. It's not the worst I've seen, but it's not great.

Do you need a degree in psychology to play this game? Because to me, half the choices seemed the same, and the responses seemed quite odd at times. I found myself using the hint button on almost every decision. The whole thing is insanely difficult.

That said, it's a good concept. If you were to work on the animaton some more and make it a little more straightforward, it would be great.