Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"

Excellent start!

For a first episode of 6 this is truly brilliant!

I hope you will continue with your efforts as successfully as you have for this one!

(However, I wonder how Ted could just 'happen' to fall into the mattress... that's the only bit of the story I find unconvincing!)


I wish i could of thought of this , i love this and all Zapdramtiic work , keep it up


Awesome. I'd love to see more


Though the truck part in the beginning annoyed me I thought the rest of it was utterly excellant. I can't wait to play episode two. It got a 8 in humor for the matress truck part, that made me smile, it sounded just like something my best freind would say if she was falling from a building ^__^ Good job, one of the better pieces on NG


Damn stupid episode