Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"

Awesome. Normally, I'd get myself killed, but with multiple choice, I LIVED!!!


The game gives us real negotiating skills for real life (given that we're not always dealing with suicide bombers, lol) and they're helpful. I enjoyed the game 10/10 =)

I liked this

It was a bit difficult but it was a good start to a great series!


Its kinda short, and more or less challenging, some answers are just obvious, put yourself on his shoes and thats it. Though i think everyone knows he killed his kids and wife and he is now in a wicked mental disorder state. I wonder what happened to him? Anyway, nice game, if you have people skills this games are easy and really fun d(^_^)b. Congratz.


And yeah, the truth is that God will save you or trickily teach you something.