Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"

The review below me pretty much says it all. Well done for being Retsupurae'd. 10/10

Super realistic, I think I've learned how to deal with Suicide Bombers because of this! I CAN STOP THE NEXT 9/11!

A Newgrounds classic. Simple, well done and mentally stimulating.

-Put the gun down
-Who is Bridget?
-Ok, calm down. My name is Jim and I'm going to help you sort this out.
-I don't think you're crazy. Threatening to blow everyone up is just a crazy thing to say.
-Tell me what you've been through.
-That's horrible. No wonder you're so upset. I'd be upset too.
-I don't know where Bridget and your kids are.
-Maybe we can get Bridget on the phone but first you've got to put down the detonator.
-(To Lola the Receptionist) Can we get Bridget on the phone?
-Say: Think about your kids!

Awsome game!

The only thing that I didn't liked about it is that The Suicide Bomber is always saying things like "She's trying to frame me,Bridget" or "I want my kids back" or "You tell that Bridget to get out here now before I blows us all to hell!"