Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"

I propose this series gets a HUGE remake.

I mean holy hell look at this animation its ugly as shit! I mean Final Fantasy VII is finally getting a remake why not polish this up more. Well hm maybe comparing FF VII to this is a bit of a strech but you know where I'm getting at!

Still I'm surprised to see how Ted's legacy lives on over the years

LMFAO this is "game" is a joke, terrible character design, they don't even put effort by drawing well, they don't even write well, this is one of the worst abominations i've ever seen, laughable at best, THE WORST PART IS THAT SOME PEOPL LIKE THIS DISASTER!

This game is a true classic. Loved it when it first came out 12 years ago and still love it now. I love all the other episodes in the series as well. Ahh...nostalgia. :)

This is a shitastrophe. I'll give you a couple points because the basic point of the story is different from other point and click games here on NG, but it has been horribly executed. The design and art is terrible, the voice-acting and sound quality is horrendous, and the dialogue from Mr. Bomb is downright silly and is poorly scripted. The basic idea behind it is good though, if a better creator/artist/writer were to remake this it would probably be pretty good.

Not bad, not good. Entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

Also, the first ten seconds or so, when the bomber is breathing? Yeah, he sounds like he's furiously masturbating.