Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"

Awesome game!

-1 cause you have to pay to see the ending, but still.

JUST PAY! God its like 10$ for a month or something.

What an asshole!!!

Don't pay attenion to the asshole directly bleow me. You don't have to pay for anything to play this game. Or to see the ending. The game is a series. To see the next one (ie. The "ending") Just play the next game!!!!! Go to related submissions to the left and click the negotiator link. Find the next one and play it.

Just dont...

Do not play this! there is a great plot and storyline, but then just as you really start to like it, you realize that you have to pay to watch the end of the story. Dont even click this link


good story line, above medium graphics, awesome real life situation


Very good. I love your work!