Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"


This is a classic.. I played this a long time ago. Great job, really interactive!

This flash made me smile.

I must of gave it like 8 attempts so far, and still can't get it, is there actually a way to lead everything to safety?..he also has a very itching detonator finger. Overall, a very interesting spin on a flash movie, i like it very much. At least i now know NOT what to do in a situation like this.

not anymore

this game use to kickass for me. but not anymore. it lost its touch lol make a new one with more options and better graphics :)


is there a game about bridget?


its a bit gay how theres only one way of doing things, i havent finished it yet, but the bombers voice WAS ANNOYING AS FUCK, and the phrase "ILL BLOW US ALL TO HELL|" started to piss me off after a while
other than that, good game