Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"


i got it on my first try

pretty cool

it was pretty cool. it took a few tries to finish it thought. great job...


It was o.k. I'm playing it again for the second time in years...when i first played it i thought it was the most awesome thing ever. But not anymore...You've made better. keep it up.

Il iked it

This is a general comment on all of the negotiator/motivator/etc games. Very enjoyable, but im not sure what criteria you used to judge the responses. Some of the "correct" responses i would regard as insulting and would end a conversation with me. A lot of them seemed just stupid and made no sense, that is just my opinion. Saying some of the "correct" comments to me might get you a 7.62x39 hole in your chest. As for constructive criticism, I would like to see more than one totally correct path, and i would also like to see a few more realistic responses, quite often i sat for a while considering, and none of the responses said anything near what i would say. Not to say i didnt like these games, but some parts did not mesh well for me. I had fu playing but i'd like to saee more options.


This is a classic.. I played this a long time ago. Great job, really interactive!