Reviews for "The Suicide Bomber"

Bravo Michael Bravo

This game is a great negotiation game. This game couldn't of been better

Excellent, my friend!

I loved this, all the series is very good indeed. I especially love the 'Do Nothing', 'Keep the gun trained on him and wait for back-up', and most of all, 'All of the above'.

"Hi, my name is Jim. Put your hands in the air! What are you upset about?"

XD! Dude, if I were Ted, I'd have pressed the detonator in confusion. Ingenious!

Odd 0_o

ummmm that was rather odd i beat it it was sorta hard at first but the ending is odd


Lola is still a bitch! lol

One of the best!!!!

But the end with the matresses WTF?