Reviews for "Golden Sun - Main Theme"

Great Song

..of the best portable game ever.


i like this alot. reminds of soul calibur as well for some reason

Very well done.

But what the hell are you talking about? Almost every song in Golden Sun is orchestrated, and this song is no exception.
I love this, because you used every instrument exactly how it was meant to be used. This version is like a high quality from the GBA version :), and that means a lot for your remixing skills.

I have a complaint though:
1:19-1:36 .- If my memory does not fail me, the strings are supossed to sound louder. It's barely audible, I bet very few noticed there were strings. It also sounds more chromatic.

Other than that, it's just awesome. It reminds me of those moments of me playing that game. I think I played that game about 3-4 times each (GS1 and GSTLA) with all djinns. Ivan was my favorite character.

Anyway, keep that up!



Golden Sun was the game that triggered my love for RPGs. Hearing this brought back massive amounts of memories of just sitting there for hours trying to find every single Djinn and summon. You deserve nothing more than utmost respect.

Yeah its ok

You did ok dude but still.