Reviews for "Golden Sun - Main Theme"

Well Composed

I liked the song without even knowing from where it came from but based on the post its from a game which is very notisable good job.


This song truly brought back some amazing memories! Thanks for the Upload
10/10 - 5/5 - Faved


Beautiful theme, these games were incredible.


400/10!!!! I love this song!!!! sooooo much! The games amazeing the songs are amazeing! The story is amazeing The battles are amazeing. The puzzels piss me off like they should!!!! 100% EPIC

*sniff* Memories *sniff*

It's awesome Orchestrated no doubt. I just wish they actually made a 3rd installment to the series. I heard rumors they tried, but Iunno what happened. But, of course most rumors aren't true, but I was pretty happy that Isaac was in Brawl. :D
Anyways, good work with this man.