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Reviews for "Mario Brothers - Part II"

awesome work!

hey!!! now dis is sumtin for me to watch^^ lol nintendo HAS to do sumthin like dis... and yet again... AWESOME!!!

Why I hate nintendo

Nintendo can't seem to put mario in a suspenseful battle like this on their system. THEY SHOULD HIRE U TO THEIR TEAM...THIS TYPE OF STORY PLOT FOR MARIO WOULD FINALLY MAKE NINTENDO COMPEATABLE AGAINST PLAYSTATION AND XBOX. GOOD WORK...Oh and u were right about the music. Marios last stand doesn't
compare to this.

Simply Amazing!

RotMK was a bit more comical with its approach to the war between Bowser and the Mushroom Kingdom. Yours shows the seriousness and the escalation of such a war. It may not look as good, due to you using NES sprites and Randy using SNES sprites. Yours conveys greater emotion though.


i'm watching each of these from the beginning. i gotta say, as opposed to each of the other mario animations, this one is amazing.
i also loved the epic fight scene music. i can see you're a fan of requiem for a dream. really great. i can't wait to see the others. you, my friend, are talented.

Again a nice plot.

An awesome plot and again a really good flash