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Reviews for "2003| Mario gets old IV"


LOL!!!!! MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! (What?) MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! lol

Rofl nice one :D


awsome idea!!

you should use baby bowser when they fight him in the next part and he turns older when baby bowser is fighting them and kamek helps bowser by making a clown thing for him to ride in!
-please use this idea :D-

toataly a-m-a-z-i-n-g

best 4 films i have seen on new grounds will there be a fifth if not plzzzz plzzz make one oh and add in master cheif if you dont know how he is look him up he is the main person in halo thanks :):):):):):)


The movie was great but why did u have to kill samus i mean come on and why was every one a black color lol good movie


why u basterd did u have to kill samus,man it was a girl,u blasterd(u know im playin,im always overdramatic)