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Reviews for "2003| Mario gets old IV"


nice man!

Nice one...

but still... I don't get the earthworm jim part...

anyway... pretty funny... hope you will make a final episode here


PART 5 PART 5 PART 5 PART 5 PART 5 PART 5 PART 5 PART 5!!!!! WE WANT A PART 5 WEve waited 5 years its time for the final battle !!!!!!!!! The must avenge samus!!!!!

is good but

i want part 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. anwyays good flash movie


shadowstalker360, SOMEBODY had to die, and besides, think of it as a tribute to Samus, because in every movie series SOME important character has to die, so appreciate the fact that Samus was that important