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Reviews for "2003| Mario gets old IV"

original but a bit boring

i thinks its a good idea having video game characters getting old
but it was a very intreeging flash

a little lame

Samus would explode like in the NES!Quit being a numnuts & do better please.

Great job!

lots of action humor, pretty decent length. Great work! now hurry up and make part 5! its been 6 years....But why did ya kill of samus? she's awesome! lol kill off megaman or something...not Samus.

To the guy talking about earthwork Jim he's supposed to be old that's why he's gray in color. And when did wario die? I found his son pretty funny actually. Only question is who's the mom? And who cares about k rool he's a freaking pirate aligator which an obnoxiosuly large blunderbuss....Haven't you every heard of comedy my friend?

Great movie i have watched it a number of times but am only now reviewing it.


It took you 4 episodes to reach a very good one! You've desrved a 10 if you didn't mention that the animator was lazy for the castle (which is fine btw)

ok........kind of.....

boring. not enough gore. EVER HEARD OF DOOM 3? oh and earthworm jim is a PINK earthworm in a suit that basically beats the crap out of some stupid dudes. (and rips there eyes out....lol.) but samus has two forms her suit and her pilot jump suit. oh and samus doesnt get old. shes a chozo she lives for 200-300 years dude. and wario didnt have a son. he died guys. none of it made sense either. k rool doesnt die that easy. donkey kong tried punching him in the nutz but he just punched donkey kong in the face. and luigi and mario dont suck that bad dude. If i were you i would get k rool to rip someones face off. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!! i.ll rate it 7 cuz im a nice prsn. ( LOL :) )