Reviews for "Illuminate my soul"


THIS IS FRONTPAGE MAN! I JUST SAW OTHER FRONTPAGES THAT SUCKED BUT MAN YOU MADE THE FRONTPAGE ART LOOK GOOD AGAIN! dude... you are great, you must feel proud of yourself and all the artists in the world I mean it... you made a machine and a desolate ground give feeling... dude... you are truly amazing! I'll just have to go on and look at all your artwork... CONGRATULATIONS!


one of my favorite pictures so far you have great talent

;_; So... beautiful...

i wonder

I wonder if you were trying to make it look like a giant.. When i look at the picture enlarged it definitely shows its not a giant, but when zoomed out it looks like a huge robot.

now it reminds me of a marauder in SCII

it very well done either way, 2nd BGround of your hand on my comp.

"There is a creature that its very steps shake the earth and silents all other life around it, a being so ancient and celestial that its very existence remains unknown tho many have tried to overcome this entity or learn of its objective, only one thing is certain the colossus is named sixty-eight"