Reviews for "Illuminate my soul"

You know what? (I don't think you do...)

This remembers me of Fallout... Post-apocalyptic world and everything destroied...
This picture just makes me feel good and something more, I don't know what...
Something in my head saying: "Kept walking. One day, you will know why you're walking." I think this picture is so beatiful, that it gives me a wish to cry, I don't know. I mean, this picture shows a world more beatiful then ours... Somehow, the destroction in it is it's beauti.


This is INCREDIBLE! I'm dumbstruck with amazement!


i dont know what to say

sorry about this

all i can say "OH" SHIT"!


if you look in the background in the cloud the two star things create the illusion that theres a second robot behind the first-perhaps the second bot is the soul of a dead robot........... perhaps