Reviews for "Illuminate my soul"


Nothing to say.really briliant!


Your work is like the coolest collection of wallpaper ever. Don't stop kk's?

i love this

makes me wanna get down on some Shadow Of The Colossus. keep up the beautiful work.

I wish I was great, great like you

Newgrounds has let me bear witness to truly amazing artists. But of all of them I'm sure you are truly great, your pieces have such gravity. I can't say you're the best, because I don't believe in saying that. There will always be more artists to come in the future that may change people's perspective of things entirely, again and again. But for now, I think you are truly a role model artist. In the sense these show almost unparalleled imagination and creativity. I feel very small nauseous bouts of human jealousy when looking at your pictures. I can't bring my artwork to life like yours, and I've always dreamed to be able to create such other worldly effects like yours.

But more than anything I admire your artwork, it like many others has inspired me, I want to take steps towards digital artwork, is this all digital? What are the programs you use for these?

Never stop creating these, you will leave a legacy behind you.. if you haven't started already. If people are effected by this artwork at even half as much as I have, you will have made a small difference in the world.

THIS...its wonderful...just perfect...its also symbolic...its shows the military influence over are world and when were all gone...are weapons are all thats left...him walking aimlessly im guessing is an implication of endless war...and how it will never end...5...