Reviews for "Illuminate my soul"

This was my desktop and phone wallpaper even before I found it on newgrounds. I fking love it

Damn this would be a cool anime or game or something, great work bro!

There is always a depth to your art pieces. An atmosphere that invokes calmness, grandeur and melancholia. There are very few colors used in this artwork, and it really helps a lot to create that atmosphere I was talking about. This kind of art is reminiscent, at least to me, of romantic painting and the way they create majestic landscapes in which we could simply wander and get lost. The robot with his tiny bright eyes brings us even further in your universe and let's us dream about walking in a world in which these titans would walk around.

I love everything you do! Keep up the good work!

keepwalking responds:

very inspiring to read your comment, thanks a lot!

This picture actually really speaks to me...

There is a certain sorrow in all the destruction and chaos, of the pain of war, there is that sense of a vague hope, the inner glimmer that when truly needed, will be called upon to aid those who will lift the world back to strength it once knew, in a time of peace. It seems to me that the clouds need to be just a bit darker, to help empower the sense of hopelessness and war-power. But this is still a very evocative piece.