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Reviews for "Illuminate my soul"

"The Colossus 68 wanders the dying Earth in search for the Little 1 so they may unite into 69."

"There is a creature that its very steps shake the earth and silents all other life around it, a being so ancient and celestial that its very existence remains unknown tho many have tried to overcome this entity or learn of its objective, only one thing is certain the colossus is named sixty-eight"

I can't stop starring at it, this will now be my desktop background.

I fucking love you'r art!!!

As good as it gets!

I really have no idea what it is exactly that you are trying to show off in this image, but I do know that it's wonderful! This is so gorgeous if it were a woman I'd marry it! I just love how there's so many things going on in this picture. It seems like the kind of thing you would see on a movie poster. Movies with posters like that never turn out to be that good anyway. This seems more like something that would be on the Evangelion poster. I love how there's something going off in the background.

I'm guessing it might be a shooting star or perhaps some shooting piece of space dust. You have a wonderful description too. It's stuff like this makes me think there will never be a need for a literature portal. You have made so many of these great submissions, you should make a cartoon like this. There is simply so much potential for such a fantastic story that can be brought out in a single image. It looks like some giant beetle.

Awww damnit...

Now I'm going to have to dig out my PS2 to play Shadow Of The Colossus... Man I love your artwork too much. Now that I've looked through it all I'm sad there isn't more. D=>