Reviews for "Illuminate my soul"

thank you for my new computer background these are magnificent

I really like this, its depressing yet hopeful.

Very nice

And once again i have found a nice art piece here, its a goodpiece that shows your effort, and you really went out of your way, i may have a few ideas for some slight change later though. Well i have to say this was pretty fantastic, it had a realistic feel, and the "DARK" feel of it really seemed to work out in that aspect of things aswell, so nice job all around here, I think a close up shot of some soldier would be nice like hiding in the fields, or something to show more battle situations. and so-on And to end this review, i will comment that i was pleased with all you did here, you created something good here and it was a unique and something differant wich i liked.

So some slight changes could go here but not to take away from your direction either but once in awhile its nice to change a few things if needed ofcourse so i have a few possible ideas that you should think about. So some more characters more people running and maybe even a close up shot of someone hiding in the fields of some sort.

;_; So... beautiful...

THIS...its wonderful...just perfect...its also symbolic...its shows the military influence over are world and when were all gone...are weapons are all thats left...him walking aimlessly im guessing is an implication of endless war...and how it will never end...5...