Reviews for "Illuminate my soul"


This is a beautiful piece of art work, totally captivating.
The sunrise in the backgrounds really adds to the somehow evil, yet, kind, gentilness of the machine. And the post-apocalptic setting furthers that.
I have to disagree with SD-Ravana, the eyes work perfectly with it, the contrast of sizes. And the poetry is fantastic too :D.


Complete badassadry! My goal is to produce shit like this... Awesome.


I have always liked robots and this is a major reason. They can look cool just walking.

its amazing.

great job, thats quite the piece.


Implied technical complexity with the clever usage of shade, shapes, exposed cabling. And that number only adds character, eh?
The profile of this ugly thing nearly made me burst into tears of joy...
Except these bloody eyes. And piss poor poetry (no offense, hey?).
Next time, I'd recommend you to leave out the comments.
They ain't welcome.
And try picturing this mongrel without his snap-on-gay-glitter-eyes-thingy, it's not just a matter of taste.