Reviews for "Illuminate my soul"


this is such an amazing drawing... I desktop-ed it.
is this hand-drawn of digital? if digital, which program are you using?


keepwalking responds:

Thank you!

everithing is digitally painted with photoshop :)


i dont know what to say

i wonder

I wonder if you were trying to make it look like a giant.. When i look at the picture enlarged it definitely shows its not a giant, but when zoomed out it looks like a huge robot.

now it reminds me of a marauder in SCII

it very well done either way, 2nd BGround of your hand on my comp.


After looking at the piece I was given a certain feeling. It was a strange feeling to read your description and have it match this feeling almost exactly.

The large character seems extremely powerful and almost invincible, it's as though he doesn't even seem to notice the violence that surrounds him- as though he is blind to it.

But he has the aura of a child about him... His small curious eyes give the feeling that he is looking for more among the wake of destruction that has made up his very simple life of chaos.

A masterpiece for sure.


enough said.
thankyou for this.