Reviews for "Landfall"


the first time I heard this I was thinking if I will have to fight a scary boss or something,this song setted the mood for the level.

I <3 this

I am a slave to this track. Ten. No less.


This is amazing when you turn the knob all the way up. If you dont your missing like all of it. It is just SO EPIC!!!!


this is so good..

nice music

10/10 and epic music is all that describes this song (this song remindes me that if you have the boomarang,giraffy,and are on the bat boss on insane mode you can run into the top left corner and throw it when he is on the ground coming at you and block his tounge it will come back and glitch behind him, hit him nonstop and give you more and more xp untill he is dead. If you need to see how just look it up.)