Reviews for "Landfall"


lol waterflame, that made my day


yeah this song is totally mine. oh wait no. get your facts straight before you zero someone :P im sitting right next to him now XD

cycerin responds:

faen som PCen din bråker btw.


I know you probably won't read this review, but this was my favorite of your songs. I like that dark, hopeless feeling you gave it, and the very hard industrial feeling. You did good with the high pitched melody coupled with the hard pulsating bassline. You can't go wrong with that grainy string patch either. I actually submitted a song based on this and Vainstar, but you probably don't care.

My Favorite CC Song

This trax is incredible! and it fits into Castle Crashers so well. Outstanding!!!!!!!!


lol, if there was an Editor for Castle Crashers, I would use this, make an ARMY of Coneheads, listen to the Music, then say: "THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!!!!!!!'