Reviews for "Landfall"

The best

Without a doubt the best track in the game, blatantly, had to download it, mate, just too good.

How else would you reach Level 99?

Easy. Go back to that eerie cave full of knights, thieves and slimes and bash the living fuck out of 'em whilst listening to an absolute belter of a track.

Top job, I will never forget this.

icegod is a freakin moron..

i been playing CC and in pipstrellos cave and i was listening to the beat and was curious who made it so i looked it up and found it i gotta say dude u got great music especially love your CC soundtracks. keep the jams comin man great work.

PS icegod08.. how stupid are you.. honestly.. you are literally too dumb to insult

good music

but btw, these guys just uploaded it from castle crashers: the game tom fulp, dan paladin, and some other guys made. not cycerin.

cycerin responds:

are you implying tom fulp, dan paladin and "some other guys" made this song and the other songs because if so then lol

I can see it now

A giant avalanche on a montain, people running, a helicoppter comes in and tries to saev people but it was over taken by the avalanche. trees falling... smashing houses, animals fleeing, but then, there's a savior...Through the smoke he comes... and takes down the avalanche.. and the avalanche is no more...
That's what i heard and felt like that was happening through the song.
If you read this and listen to the song you'll understand.
Great song, 5/5 & 10/10.

U make amazing music

Winterbliss was definetly a trance song since it was so wavy, and this is... well, scary almost. I still love Landfall as much as I love Winterbliss though.