Reviews for "Landfall"


This is really good dnb. But the softer basses I did not like so much, didn't sound heavy enough for it too fit in the whole piece. Anyways, good job, keep up the good work.

cycerin responds:

Thank you - I will.

Very Good

Supa cool. It also deserved to go on the list and I like the song. Cool effects. Keep the good work. One more question. What is commercial things?

cycerin responds:

If you tried to use this song in any way that would profit you, that would be a commercial use.

Woah, this is perfect

This is probably one of the songs I like the most on NG so far, there are so many good things I could say about this, I don't know where to start. I was amazed when I read your comment after listening to the song first - sand, the desert, those really were the first things that came to my mind when I was listening to this song. The basses are perfect, the rhythm is fast and powerful enough to carry the effects well and the song just breathes dark, like you said. Dark in a cool way. This would really fit well with some villain from a movie, possibly in a chase with his foe. Another thing - this song starts of well and builds it's way up even better, doesn't let go of the tempo.

Kudos, great job.

cycerin responds:

Well written. Thanks for the appreciation!


Is way different to any of the DnB that I listen to. :0 Which is awesome, because most DnB is the same. It's very slow compared to the average, but that's what makes it the more unique. :D

Leep it up cycerin!

cycerin responds:

Thanks, I will. :D

wow amazing

Hey dude that was pure awsome in the intro and those melodies are soo good Im addding this to my favorites.

Chek Out my Dark Drum n Bass The power of drums your gona have to look it up on the sercht bar due to a glicht since it dosent show in my profile i think Thnx.

What programe did you use?

Keep Practicing.